Our Menu

Wednesday to Sunday and bank  holidays
13:00-16:00 and 19:30-22:30



Asparagus and bacon croquettes with traditional aioli. 8,00

Saharan squid cooked two ways: crispy and grilled, with mango vinaigrette, chilli and cherry tomatoes. 12,20

Our version of “broken” eggs: sautéed bonita potatoes, on an onion and chorizo stir fry base with a poached egg. 7,40

King prawn crispy brick, avocado base and different contrasts. 9,50

Vegan option: Humus puff with vegetables and soy, wrapped in canarian beer orly and tomato marmalade. 6,10


Leek and king prawn soup with sea food and citrus oil garnish. 5,90

Canarian cured cheese salad with tomato marmalade, dried fig vinaigrette, apple and nuts. 9,50

Warm octopus vinaigrette salad, catalan style tomatoes and avocado. 9,90


Fresh salmon risotto with green asparagus, king prawns and parmesan cheese. 12,20

Vegan option: Garlic mushroom creamy rice and Moroccan spices. 9,90

Oriental style noodles, vegetable and king prawn wok, soy, ginger and lime. 8,40


‘Cacereña’ style cod fillet, ‘bonita’ potatoes and different contrasts. 13,50

Crispy panko crusted salmon, marinated in soy with a vegetable wok and Tai broth. 13,50

Pompano chunks in Canarian seasoning, coal oil, black garlick aioli and different textures. 13,90

Grilled sae bass, over warm pickled vegetables and lime and cilantro contrasts. 12,90


Oriental style veal tenderloin tips, sautéed in teriyaki with wild rice and different contrasts. 15,70

Canary black pork ribs cooked at low temperature, Canary sweet chili and false ‘ponte-nuevo’ potatoes. 15,50

Roast duck magret on creamed broccoli and Canarian potatoes, with an orange and other citrus fruits reduction. 13,50

Grilled Ibearian ‘secreto’ in coal oil, onion and apple confit with old sytle mustard and different contrasts. 14,40

Veal fore rib over Moroccan cous cous, caramelized onions and different contrasts. 14,70


Apple streusel with coconut ice cream and ‘dulce de leche’. 5,95

Hard day’s night: tequila, lemon and salt. 4,10

Chocolates and almond crumble. 4,90

White chocolate mousse with passion fruit and diferent contrasts. 4,10

Ice creams and sorbets.

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